12th Mar 2015

Hotels are expensive.  Expensive to build, expensive to operate – in some cases, of course, expensive to stay in! For the developer and investors creating a hotel project, the costs of a hotel development are not always as predictable as … more

Developing a hotel project is something that typically takes years to go from mental thumbnail to ribbon-cutting.  In the middle is a laundry list of challenges and hurdles, ranging from regulatory or zoning barriers to supplier and vendor problems, labor … more

Resort planning and construction is a massive undertaking–unlike any other major hotel project.   Even long-term players in the hospitality construction game can become buried under the scope and detail required of resort construction, which often takes place in somewhat remote … more

Hotel development is a complicated endeavor for anyone.  It takes more than money and a dream to make a hotel appear on a vacant lot, or an old structure screaming for a re-purposing and a re-envisioning.  It takes expertise, experience, … more