11th Jul 2015

Are you looking for sound advice on hotel development agreements in California? You should know that hotel development agreements are usually negotiated with a public land owner in order to develop a hotel in this particular parcel of land. These agreements vary greatly from your typical hotel development contracts due to the fact that these agreements have very specific clauses that require the expertise and counsel of someone who’s experienced in bidding–and securing–hotel development agreements in California.

The sound advice of someone who is experienced in this area is extremely valuable when it comes to securing hotel development agreements. Whether you are a developer, an owner, an operator or a franchisee, you will be thrilled to know that there are hotel consultants who are extremely experienced in representing clients in hotel development agreements. High-level strategic counsel to private developers, public institutions and lenders can assist in the leasing, development, acquisition, sale or operation of a hotel.

Typical hotel agreements will include the financial agreements that will take place in order to secure the rights to develop of the hotel. Any plans to find private sector partners, operators, brands, and investors must be included as well in order to secure the final development agreement for a new hotel on public land.

Because of the nature of hotel development agreements and the steps needed in order to secure them such as acquisition, development, financing, branding and management; clients demand the expertise and skills of talented and experienced consultants. Remember that when it comes to these agreements, timely execution is highly valued amongst our clients and no matter what side of the hospitality industry you are on, your satisfaction with the deal is of uttermost importance.

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