15th Jun 2015

When a hospitality project begins, developers and owners have many different aspects to juggle when trying to get their venture off the ground. Keeping all of the concerns of the project in the air at the same time can be costly, time consuming and a waste of valuable expertise if that’s not the team member’s strengths.

Hotel development consulting is a special type of expertise that helps developers and owners launch a project with peace of mind and with the most effective strategies possible. Here are three great reasons to hire a hotel development consultant as you begin your hospitality venture:

  • Feasibility and financial analysis
    Experienced hotel consultants are experts in their specific markets and can help you establish the feasibility of your vision in the specific market you’re targeting. They can look at the tools you have at your disposal and let you know the best course of action to take to achieve your vision. Identifying the right size, type and brand of hotel up front is critical.
  • Recruiting, training and supervision of staff members
    Finding hardworking, professional help to staff your new venture is a complicated task and one you want to get right the first time. Professional hotel development consultants can screen, train and prepare your staff members to match the experience you hope to give guests. They have the expertise in recruiting the best prospects for all roles in the hotel industry and can help you find the right fit for yours.
  • Project management for general contractor, key subcontractors, and designers
    Successfully launching a hotel from the ground up involves many moving parts—designers, contractors and sub-contractors to name just a few. Maintaining schedules, project statuses and communications between all of the moving parts in a hotel project can be daunting, but a hotel development consultant can make sure you’re in the know when it comes to every facet of launching your venture.

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