Hotel & Real Estate Arbitrator & MediatorMaurice is considered one of the leading Alternative Dispute Resolutionists in the Hotel industry. He has been trained as an Arbitrator and Mediator, and has substantial experience in these forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has served as Chairperson of seven 3-person arbitration panels in the past few years, and has been named as the neutral panelist twice by the two party-appointed arbitrators. In 2003, he served as the neutral arbitrator in a dispute between the owner and operator of a 5-diamond resort in Honolulu, which included managing a hearing with 17 expert witnesses. In 2005, he was the sole arbitrator for another 5-diamond resort in the Caribbean, which involved visiting and evaluating 10 competitive resorts located in seven different countries. In both cases, Mr. Robinson managed to complete the entire arbitration process within 30 days of being appointed. His mediation experience has ranged from resolving single hotel owner-operator disputes to class action disputes between 1500 limited partners and the hotel operator/general partner involving a nationwide portfolio of 120 hotels.