17th Feb 2015

The role of the hotel or resort development consultant is often a hidden one, when they do their job properly.  Often the lack of their input or a failure to take their advice shows up years after the resort or … more

When people consider a franchise investment for their business, they are typically considering benefits and drawbacks on a purely financial and business-forward scale.  In other words, they consider the start-up costs, the geographic and franchise benefits, and the possibilities of … more

Developing a hotel is much more complicated than most people – even many investors – realize.  It’s not a matter of designing beautiful spaces and doing some basic analysis of the area to determine ideal capacity and amenities.  In fact, … more

When it comes to hotel and resort development, it should be very straightforward: Identify a need, find a location or a property, invest the funds and hire the necessary people, and build, renovate, or acquire the hotel or resort. As … more