14th Jul 2015

Hotel concession contracts in California can be a very valuable asset for most companies. For those of you who are not sure what hotel concession contracts in California entail, they are basically very unique legal devices that are significantly different … more

6th Jul 2015

Securing and managing hotel management agreements in California can be a difficult task even for the most experienced businessmen. These hotel management agreements in California usually come with a large number of clauses that need to be analyzed and scrutinized … more

17th Feb 2015

The role of the hotel or resort development consultant is often a hidden one, when they do their job properly.  Often the lack of their input or a failure to take their advice shows up years after the resort or … more

17th Jan 2015

Planning successful strategies around which a hotel establishment can thrive in today’s modern world is by no means an easy task. It requires the implementation of a multitude of well-executed hotel planning procedures. How Understanding Planning Will Increase Hotel Bookings … more

15th Jan 2015

Proper management and the efficient allocation of resources are the domain of hotel management consultants. Oftentimes what keeps a fledgling hotel from seeking consultation on such matters comes down to misinformation regarding the tangible benefits of doing so, coupled with … more

20th Oct 2014

Often, the sole reason that prevents a struggling hotel owner from hiring a hotel management consultant is simply a misunderstanding or ignorance of what such consultants do.  Not only can experienced and knowledgeable hotel management consultants assist with identifying issues … more

9th Jul 2014

It gets forgotten in the modern day, but the term “hospitality” traditionally refers to both sides of the equation: The host and the guest alike, assigning certain obligations to each. It’s a term that viewed the guest experience as a … more

13th May 2014

Disputes are a part of business, and the hospitality industry is certainly no exception.  Owners and operators will come into conflict from time to time, and the Management Agreement and the dispute resolution process described within it will be tested.  … more

6th May 2014

The most recent few decades might someday be referred to as the Age of the Franchise.  The reasons for this popularity are fairly obvious: Franchisees get the benefits of an established brand, the collective experience of existing locations and the … more

8th Apr 2014

While it’s clear that mediation would be a useful addition in a permanent and dedicated position within most luxury hotel and resorts, mediation isn’t only effective in staff and labor disputes such as housekeeper rebellions or maintenance worker resentments – … more