16th Apr 2015

Hotel development is a complicated project, and generally brings together a large number of investors who become partners in the endeavor. As a result, most hotel developments have a mixture of general partners who not only invest capital, but handle … more

17th Feb 2015

When people consider a franchise investment for their business, they are typically considering benefits and drawbacks on a purely financial and business-forward scale.  In other words, they consider the start-up costs, the geographic and franchise benefits, and the possibilities of … more

When it comes to hotel and resort development, it should be very straightforward: Identify a need, find a location or a property, invest the funds and hire the necessary people, and build, renovate, or acquire the hotel or resort. As … more

17th Dec 2014

Hotel branding is entering into a bold new age, leaving behind the real estate-heavy nationally-branded chains of the past in favor of Internet- and App-based marketing strategies that elevate smaller, independent hotels to the same access and visibility as their … more

5th Aug 2014

Chances are, if you’re involved at any level in the hospitality services industry, you will someday be sued for violating “standard of care” or “custom of trade practice” norms. If you’re not 100% certain what those terms mean, you are … more

1st Apr 2014

The hospitality industry is unique in many ways, but two of the most obvious are its total focus on customer service and experience and its secrecy. These two facets are deeply related: The hotel experience is supposed to be one … more

10th Dec 2013

The economic outlook for 2014 is guardedly optimistic, following a sluggish and disappointing 2013.  Experts are predicting that the job market is likely to continue to grow, which should boost consumer spending.  Export growth should also increase, as demand grows … more