2nd Aug 2015

Ideally, a resort development expert in California will be a jack of all trades. He or she will be able to provide you with valuable insight that ultimately helps you to save time and money. However, if your resort development expert in California does not provide the following services, you may consider searching for another consultant.

Analysis of Data

Resort development experts are constantly bombarded with data. They have data on existing projects and on competitors’ projects. They come in contact with a variety of financial statements. Local and state reports can highlight trends in the industry. Development experts should be able to analyze this data and use special tools to help quantify it. Data can also help experts advise clients about potential pitfalls and projections.

Expert Testimony

A resort development expert should be able to provide important testimony about your project and hotel development. Many such experts craft a practice area from this portion of their business by testifying at arbitrations, trials and mediations. Your expert should be able to explain how certain actions led to a loss of profits or a devaluation of the property.

Offering of Solutions

It is not enough for a resort development expert to only communicate about potential risks. They must also be equipped to offer solutions to problems that may arise during the course of the project. They should be able to anticipate certain issues and have a strategy available to counteract them. Having a resort development expert as part of your team at the beginning of the project can help you avoid problems from arising in the first place. They can also listen intently to the parties’ desires in order to offer innovative solutions that are customized to the particular needs of the parties involved.

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