18th May 2015

After years of economic turmoil, the worldwide market for commercial real estate and hotel development has steadily risen for more than a year. The rise in investment and increased tolerance for risk around the world has not been spectacular, but … more

15th May 2015

When the complex relationships often involved in a hotel development deal become entangled and conflicting, it can spell disaster for all involved, even long after the actual development and construction phase is over and everything is firmly in the management … more

10th May 2015

Getting into the hotel business is not like other investment opportunities. While the return on investment in hotel projects can be very attractive, the fact is hotel properties can be incredibly variable in their return on investment and other financial … more

7th May 2015

Resort development seems like a win-win for everyone involved. Investors expect to make profits from the creation and management of a resort facility. Localities expect to profit from the increased tourism and increased tax base that a resort provides, plus … more