25th Aug 2015

You have likely heard the phrase “due diligence” from your California real estate attorney. This concept means the efforts that must be employed in order to help you determine if you are about to make a good deal or not. … more

2nd Aug 2015

Ideally, a resort development expert in California will be a jack of all trades. He or she will be able to provide you with valuable insight that ultimately helps you to save time and money. However, if your resort development … more

11th Jul 2015

Are you looking for sound advice on hotel development agreements in California? You should know that hotel development agreements are usually negotiated with a public land owner in order to develop a hotel in this particular parcel of land. These … more

2nd Jul 2015

Are you currently going through a dispute involving a hotel ground lease? If so, you should know that hotel ground leases in California are commonly disputed following conflicts between the municipal administration and the private lessee, especially following natural disasters … more

15th Jun 2015

When a hospitality project begins, developers and owners have many different aspects to juggle when trying to get their venture off the ground. Keeping all of the concerns of the project in the air at the same time can be … more

18th May 2015

After years of economic turmoil, the worldwide market for commercial real estate and hotel development has steadily risen for more than a year. The rise in investment and increased tolerance for risk around the world has not been spectacular, but … more

15th May 2015

When the complex relationships often involved in a hotel development deal become entangled and conflicting, it can spell disaster for all involved, even long after the actual development and construction phase is over and everything is firmly in the management … more

7th May 2015

Resort development seems like a win-win for everyone involved. Investors expect to make profits from the creation and management of a resort facility. Localities expect to profit from the increased tourism and increased tax base that a resort provides, plus … more

16th Apr 2015

A hotel concession is a very valuable thing, whether it is a luxury facility in a beautiful tropical setting – or the rights to run accommodations at one of our nation’s spectacular national parks. A hotel concession with the National … more

A hotel development project is a huge machine with many moving parts that fit together in intricate ways – a machine that runs on money. You need capital to clear the way in zoning and design, capital to hire contractors, … more