25th Aug 2015

You have likely heard the phrase “due diligence” from your California real estate attorney. This concept means the efforts that must be employed in order to help you determine if you are about to make a good deal or not. … more

17th Aug 2015

When people think of a hotel and real estate arbitrator in California, they often think of a real estate lawyer who has helped piece together sales contracts. Or, they may think of a judge who had to decide cases on … more

10th Aug 2015

Individuals who routinely perform hotel and real estate appraisals in California can attest that properly valuing a hospitality property is complex. Data is often not static and comparable transactions are not as readily available as other types of investment properties. … more

2nd Aug 2015

Ideally, a resort development expert in California will be a jack of all trades. He or she will be able to provide you with valuable insight that ultimately helps you to save time and money. However, if your resort development … more