12th Mar 2015

Resort planning and construction is a massive undertaking–unlike any other major hotel project.   Even long-term players in the hospitality construction game can become buried under the scope and detail required of resort construction, which often takes place in somewhat remote locations, where the weather is perfect but the construction materials, labor, and other resources are not.

Resorts also tend to be larger than hotel projects, with sprawling grounds offering multiple amenities, and as a result can quickly snowball into expensive, slow-moving projects, with every delay costing you money.  If it seems like you need someone with local contacts, experience, and a deep knowledge of the resort construction business, it is because you do.  The number one way to speed up the construction schedule of any resort project is to bring in an expert development consultant.

The Role of the Expert Development Consultant

An expert development consultant can speed up moribund resort construction in a variety of ways:

  • Applying their expertise to all phases of construction to find efficiencies and overlaps that can be tightened up;
  • Applying local knowledge and contacts to get the best contractors in place, and to overcome bureaucratic and other local government barriers; and
  • Bringing an objective and experienced eye to every facet of the project.

Often the presence of an objective, third-party expert development consultant allows for decisions to be made that the developers or investors cannot make due to personal obligations or a lack of objectivity.  This, combined with the ability to put the resort project in local context in terms of regulators, climate, and other factors, makes the consultant typically the final piece of the resort project puzzle, allowing it to fast-track to completion even if it has been significantly delayed in the past.

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