15th Jan 2015

The need for multi-dwelling living arrangements across the U.S. has never been more apparent and as the demand for functional and luxury lodgings increase, so too the costs of development.

Most any potential hotel development project, whether in its infancy or further along through the production schedule, will benefit from the expertise of a hotel development consultant and their knowledge of the service industry.

The Difference between a Hotel Development Consultant and a Facilitator

  • Consultants: are able to provide a preliminary diagnosis of the development project on site and will act in accordance with the interests of the client.
  • Facilitators: can deliver and assist in the creation of ready-made training courses designed to further the skill set of the development team or frontline employees.

Situations in Which a Hotel Development Consultant Will be Beneficial

Problems can arise at any given point in the development cycle at any given time. As such there will be a number of situations in which it may be necessary to speak with a hotel development consultant, such as during:

  • Early acquisition: An effective consultant can assist in early acquisition and can help investors to recoup an immediate return on investments.
  • Site selection: A consultant can advise clients and investors of the most appropriate sites on which to build and develop.
  • Mismanagement: A consultant will be able to identify areas where resources are improperly spent and the most efficient ways to correct such issues.
  • Ground-up development: A consultant can ensure that constructions materials are of high quality and are appropriate for the design sought.
  • Rebranding: Should a hotel find itself in need of a new image, a consultant can help maximize the hotel’s position within the market.

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