3rd Jun 2015

Bringing the vision of a modern resort to life is an incredible undertaking with highs and lows built in. The list of hoops to jump through to do it properly can seem endless, and if they’re done incorrectly, or out of order, it could result in costly delays or even denials of important applications and approvals.

Expert resort real estate development consultants can offer a clear roadmap for developers to make sure their approach to developing a resort is efficient and cost-effective.

Development experts can assist in the following ways: master planning, permitting, compliance, zoning, community relations, historical landmark identification, public stakeholder outreach, brand selection, facility sizing, and tax challenges to name a few.

The steps to developing a resort legally and correctly can seem never-ending, and approaching them incorrectly results in costly mistakes and denials. Expert resort development professionals know the lay of the land and the best path to follow when approaching a large-scale construction and business project like a resort.

Your professional consultant will create a custom roadmap for your project, from beginning to end, and cut any confusion in the process. They’ll consider every facet that makes your project unique when preparing your project’s timeline and steps and in the process, so that important steps do not get forgotten or undone. Nothing’s worse than thinking your resort development project is close to completion, only to find that an “I” hasn’t been dotted or a “T” hasn’t been crossed.

Don’t leave your high-end, high-stakes project to chance—contact a resort development expert before your project gets underway and reward yourself with peace of mind and less stress in the long run.

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